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Selection of corporate logos.
Just add some hot milk to your favourite mug. Allow the choco-stick to soften in the milk, and then stir until mixed together. PS. The wooden stirrer can be branded for that special event!
Chocolate Martini glasses filled with farm-style milk tart sprinkled with cinnamon.
Chocolate masquerade: Milk and white chocolate mask
Chocolate porcupine quills, with white chocolate stripes.
Custom mould for an all-chocolate birthday invitation.
Gold bars of milk chocolate
White chocolate tiered wedding cake with decorative piping.
Turn-down chocolates in foil.
Mixed selection of truffles.
Individually wrapped theme chocolates.
Heart-shaped milk chocolates and chocolate-covered date.
Variety of single chocolates in clear boxes.
Coffee-flavoured milk chocolate with dark chocolate coffee bean decoration.
Various chocolate hamper